201116 WANTED: New Moderators! (r/BLACKPINK, r/BeulPing & Our Discord Server)

We are pleased to announce we are opening up moderator applications for [r/BLACKPINK](, [r/BeulPing](, and the [r/BLACKPINK]( [Discord Server.](

We’re searching for moderators from different time zones to keep our subreddit and discord server moderated 24/7. At the moment we’re in need of mods from every time zone between GMT +7 to GMT +13 and GMT -10 to GMT -5

We’re searching for active members of [r/BLACKPINK]( who are in good standing with the current moderator team. Note that this job will be significantly more demanding in time than just being a regular user of [r/BLACKPINK]( Please only apply if you are able to balance your real-life responsibilities alongside moderation and do not foresee having to resign after a short period. Inactivity will lead to removal.

As a [r/BLACKPINK]( moderator, you approve/remove posts, edit post flairs, update the “Upcoming Events” sidebar widget, create megathreads, respond to modmail, and more.


* Your account must be at least **6 months old** *(182 days+)*
* 500+ karma
* Look forward to doing the “janitorial” work that is the bulk of what moderators do: removing and approving posts, clearing the mod queue, responding to modmail, explaining rules, helping people, maintaining order.
* Must be active in [r/BLACKPINK](
* Be experienced with using reddit and [r/BLACKPINK](
* Good standing in this community
* Willing to perform the majority of moderation work from a computer & install [Moderator Toolbox](
* Previous moderator experience is helpful, but not required
* Over the age of 18

**[APPLY HERE!](**

**DEADLINE: NOV 30, 6:00AM KST**

[Automatic Time Zone Converter](

# Wiki Contributor

If you’d like to help us with keeping our [wiki]( updated. [Please send us a modmail!](
Active Wiki Contributors will be rewarded at the end of the year.

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