201005 BLIИK Weekly Discussion Thread

## Hey BLIИKs!

Welcome to the Weekly Discussion Thread! Please use this thread to discuss/share any BLACKPINK content, including older ones.

Discussions ARE NOT limited to just BLACKPINK… feel free to share anything! Share how you’ve been feeling, how your day went, new music, or other content you’ve been enjoying. We also ask that close-ended questions be asked here.

We also have a [Discord Server]( and Reddit Chat Rooms where you can chat with BLIИKs **24/7**:


**Feel free to check out r/BeulPing for BLACKPINK Media, Memes and more.**

Our moderators will also use weekly discussions to hear feedback from you guys, or to share news. Therefore, please let us know what you think r/BLACKPINK needs!
See past Weekly Discussion Threads [here.](

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