200805 New Moderators!

# Meet the New Moderators!

* u/TheFeenixBird
* u/zlolslavez
* u/Sooyaa_Yah_Boombayah
* u/ShomiVicenta


Please welcome them as our new moderators! They started out as Trial Moderators last week at [r/BeulPing]( and yesterday they became official mods here at [r/BLACKPINK]( They will be moderating [r/BLACKPINK](, r/BeulPing, and [the r/BLACKPINK Discord Server.]( Please show them kindness and patience as they learn the ropes!

Thank you to everyone who applied! We read through all the applications and decided on 4 candidates who we thought best met what we were looking for.

If you ever need to get in touch with us, [send us a modmail!](

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