200801 BLACKPINK – ‘24/365 with BLACKPINK’ EP. 5 [ENG SUB]

200801 BLACKPINK – ‘24/365 with BLACKPINK’ EP. 5 [ENG SUB]

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  1. Are we actually going to get to use our tissue boxes tonight? Let’s watch together and see.

    Hearing their trainee stories made me very emotional. Living with cockroaches and centipedes. Living off of scrambled eggs and strawberry jam. Being a young kid and living away from your parents in such bad conditions while also training and doing your best to succeed and debut must’ve been so hard for them. Rosie and Lisa coming from foreign countries and not knowing the language all that well must’ve compounded their own difficulties.

    Hearing them cover ‘Price Tag’ by Jessie J, ‘Lonely’ by 2NE1 (by far one my favorite song of theirs), and ‘You And I’ by Park Bom made my heart melt.

    Jisoo’s and Rosie’s pottery turned out really nicely. Them failing to record their unboxing reaction was hilarious. Really interested as to why there was no preview for next week’s episode. Maybe they don’t want to do a preview as to not spoil the next one since this upcoming Saturday is their 4th anniversary. Maybe we get a special episode? Who knows. I guess we’ll have to find out in a week’s time.

  2. I didn’t get what Jisoo said she regretted a bit, entering the dorm after becoming a trainee?
    Does it mean you can be a trainee and still live in your home?

  3. I remember bracing myself so hard because of the snippet of Rosie crying in the earlier episodes but turns out she was just tipsy off of three sips of alcohol lol (I’m a lightweight too, I definitely felt that)

    I thought for sure they were exaggerating or joking about the bugs in the trainee dorms until they mentioned all the specific details about Lisa having to get rid of them and the giant centipedes, holy hell

  4. Man that episode was really nice, hearing some of the stories of their trainee days, just like we all talk to our school friends about the teachers we had lol. However scrambled eggs and strawberry jam 🤮 nah that ain’t it chief lol.

    Also what a dumb question “Did you guys perform cover songs as trainees?”. No mate they wrote a new song and made a new choreography every month duh 🤦‍♀️🤣

  5. Wait, **~~is this the final episode?!~~** Seems like it’s not.

    The talk about their dorm life was great. Lisa being the cleaning lady for all the bugs was kinda expected. She isn’t scared of anything much. Whoever made those food recipes is a genius and also probably isn’t picky lol. Rosé using the guitar was a nice touch as well. A random cat is always welcome.

    Even after all this time, I can’t imagine how Lisa and Rosé must’ve felt when starting their idol life, having to travel to an unknown country and living on their own… well, we now know Rosé cried a lot.

    Jennie talking about their potato teacher is really refreshing, hearing how the girls were/are surrounded by good people is much needed nowadays.

    Jisoo and Rosé’s pottery turned out really well, I was expecting a disaster haha.

  6. So how exactly does being a trainee work?? Does YG just recruit a bunch of talent, train them for years and then decide groups based on how everyone turns out? Or are people specifically recruited for a pre-planned group like BP and then almost all of them make it?

  7. I was praying we’d get to see this scene of them covering songs when they teased us with it before. It’s so sweet to see them like this. Just reminds me of being with my friends and having fun together. I love these girls so much. 😊

  8. That episode was fun in such a different way. It reminds me of hanging out with friends and just jamming out and I’m glad the ladies have that with each other too!

    Rosies little snippet of lonely…oh my…

    And then of course, we have Chaesoo recording without the camera on lmao

  9. When Rosé started crying, I started crying too. She was so young to be away from her parents and it seemed like it was really tough for her. I still find it amazing how she had the least training time out of all of them, had no basic dance skills, and turned out to be the lead dancer. That’s talent!

    I knew Lisa had to have handled the bugs based on how she handled the cockroach in one of the episodes in the military show she was on. It was hilarious when she said she liked monthly evaluations. The way the other girls looked at her lmaoo

    It was refreshing to see Jennie talk about their potato (?) teacher, showing a more vulnerable side of her. The way she talked about crying and just wanting to do well. Even Jisoo, stoic queen, talked about regretting going into dorm life so soon… people say they had it easy but man it seemed so tough. Props to them for never giving up

  10. This episode made me reminisce my younger days too. I can relate when they said everything is fun when you were young. I remember everyone at our dorm laughing at every little thing every night when we gather after all our classes.

    A nice episode i would probably rewatch every time.

  11. This was an enlightening episode. We’ve only ever seen them living in the nicest dorm in kpop with separate bedrooms and real/faux marble tiled walls, but apparently they were slumming it as trainees for many years.

    It’s interesting how so many of the great kpop singers of this generation started as trainees that could not dance. From interviews, I already knew Wendy couldn’t, I saw Sejeong and Yuri couldn’t on Produce and Idol School respectively, and now Rose too. Rocket Punch’s Suyun is the only one I can think of that is the best singer in her group but started as a dancer. I guess it shows that if your voice is good enough and you’re pretty enough, these companies will spend the time, money, and effort to make you a good or even great dancer.

    Love the casual Rose jam session like her Insta Live. It was cool to see how considerate she was not to dominate the singing but hold back for others to fill with their voices. She only sang prominently when others didn’t know the lyrics.

  12. thank god that wasnt that bad coz they kinda spoiled all the emotional parts in the teasers for last three weeks.

    Also…. are they really gonna milk 4 episodes from this cafe..? , seems kinda not 24/365 but 24/(1 day they went to this one cafe)

    (edit: seems like 3 as the ending wasnt a teaser for the next one)

  13. Lisa is enjoying the monthly evaluation because she aced them all. It must have been really hard for Rosé when her parents had to go back to Australia during her trainee days. I really admire these two, coming to SK, risking it all and being so young. Not a lot of people can do that.

  14. Was this episode the last one? I expected more episodes 🙁


    But, Rosé singing was the most beauitful gift to the world today. I was crying when Rosé told us about the dorms and her parents. TnnnT <3 I cant

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