200731 BLACKPINK has taken their 13th win on MUSIC BANK

200731 BLACKPINK has taken their 13th win on MUSIC BANK

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  1. [Winning Moment]( — until someone that paid KBS a lot of ‘ad money’ to put their song on KBS shows complains about it and KBS magically finds more broadcasts of that competing song like last week.

    [Previous Revision Article]( and google translate section:

    >Music Bank’s “K-chart” ranking is composed of digital sound sources (65%) + number of broadcasts (20%) + audience preference (10%) + music sales (5%). Here, the number of ‘broadcasts’ consists of summing the number of music played during the KBS program airing. The ranking error occurred in the process of counting the number of ‘broadcasts’, and after reviewing it, we confirmed that there was a mistake in the check process.

    KBS is pulling the same racket Youtube did until mid-last year with paid ads for 1st day records, only this is for Music Bank wins. KBS is saying, pay us to play your song during any of our programs that week and it counts as 20% of the total Music Bank score.

    Last year, it was claimed [Dalla Dalla had 13.9m 1st day views]( but 4 days of views wasn’t enough to reach the [Top 100 Chart]( that week with #100 at 7.28m. They did get [12.9m non-ad views during a full week 2]( Then along comes [TXT with 14.4m 1st day views]( and they actually had [25.1m non-ad views those first 4 days]( but [youtube found another 3.2m ad views]( for Itzy so they could keep the biggest debut title that was bought and paid for by their company.

    I wonder how long KBS will continue to do the same and get away with taking money for wins.

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