r/BLACKPINK hits 50,000 MEMBERS! Thank you so much!

r/BLACKPINK hits 50,000 MEMBERS! Thank you so much!

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  1. Let’s go! Honestly, finding this subreddit was the best thing. This is our safe space to talk about the girls, cause Lord knows everybody else seems to have a bone to pick with them. Guess that’s what happens when you’re number one in the game, it makes them haters pressed. Let’s continue to grow together. 🥰🍾🥂

  2. We’ve grown so much. I remember when the 10K Post was a huge milestone for this sub. I think we were hovering around 5-7K during the BLACKPINK House era.

  3. Me in the 30k thread:

    >Call me selfish, but I’ll take not having another BlackPink House if it means not going a year without new music again.

    Guess I should’ve planned for neither lol

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