200728 BLACKPINK – THE ALBUM (Teaser Poster)

200728 BLACKPINK – THE ALBUM (Teaser Poster)

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  1. That’s just the place holder or is the name of the album ‘The Album’? Lol I literally can’t tell. We did have a ‘Solo’, on the other hand there’s no way they would have revealed the name so they DO need a placeholder.

    Also that concept is PERFECT. That polished majestic style is everything I wanted from the album teaser! YGE is actually feeding us, I still can’t believe it. IT’S HAPPENING GUYS!

    EDIT: The pre-order link pretty much confirms that it’s a placeholder. It lists no title for any of the versions. If this actually was the title they would have listed it as such, no title means there’s actually not revealed yet.

  2. Im so excited although it got pushed a little bit!! Anyways, we have the date! Blinks fighting!!! I guess it makes sense since Treasure will be releasing their debut album in August and there’s a lot of comebacks in September as well. But anyways im looking forward for this!!!

  3. Amazing.

    Also, delay to October makes sense if the second single is going to be the rumored late August release. Allows that song to perform like another hype-building single for a month+ before the official album comeback.

  4. Someone predicted we’d get something today since YG posted Jennie’s Solo reaching 500M views an hour earlier than normal, but I’m still shocked. We have two (kind of) confirmed dates now!

  5. Finallyyyyyy 😭😭😭 good morning blinks around the world

    Edit: So i read the facebook announcement, and the name is really The Album??? I thought it’s just a placeholder name?? Please correct me if i misunderstood it

  6. **DA ALBUM**

    Great name.

    Selfishly, I’m little mad that it’s not a September release as planned cos I figured it be a neat lil birthday gift for me but…nah, who am I kidding, I’M HYPED, LETS FUCKING GOOOOOOOO

  7. OHHH THERE IT FUCKING IS. I always wanted the name to be ‘Pretty Savage’, from the D4 english translation. I hope we get info on the next single soon!!

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