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  1. So what date are you guys expecting after the recent announcement of BTS single on 21st? At this point 28th is looking more and more likely, it’s HYLT all over again lol.

  2. So, I’ve been loosely keeping track of HYLT’s views on YT to compare to their past releases. As a recap, D4 had crazy views in its first 24 hours and what was most notable was that it maintained 2 million daily views for like 6 months. For KTL, it had a great starting sprint but burnt out fairly quickly dropping to around 1 million daily views. Both of these figures have increased since HYLT’s release and seems to be relatively stable around 1.5 million daily views. Now, HYLT is a bit interesting since its behavior is a combination of the 2 previous CB’s. HYLT broke the 24 hour view record (after the rule change mind you) and its daily views has no apparent anomalous behaviors. After just over a month, HYLT’s daily views appear to have leveled off around 5 million. Assuming steady gradual decreases in daily views, it should be outpacing both D4 and KTL in every view milestone. Even HYLT’s performance version is behaving in a similar manner. Also, be aware that I’m doing this analysis just for fun. My data collection is very rudimentary.

  3. I was watching Rose fancams and I think I noticed something. She has her hair specifically done up (texture, pinning, spray, etc) to stay out of her face. I first noticed this in Coachella when it was blowing the other three members hair into their faces but she turned slightly into it and got amazing wing tip sweeps while keeping her face clear.

    [Here](, her hair almost looks like an anime creature while somehow her face comes through perfectly. Then, [a small cluster]( slides over her face which she [immediately clears]( less than a second after she finished singing her part. Only at the very end did [her hair cover her face completely]( and she broke the final pose to clear it out. It seems like she gets distracted when hair moves over her face so she has her hair done specifically to prevent that.

    Just a thought based upon some observations. And I wanted to share that first pic.

  4. It’s sad to think that the World Tour after the album release will likely not happen. I wonder if they will be doing any live concert streams instead. I’d definitely pay PPV for that.

  5. When do you guys think they will announce who’s on the collab? I just realized that after they make the announcement there will be another wait, until when the actual single comes out 🙁

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