200702 BLACKPINK has reached 40M subscribers on YouTube!

200702 BLACKPINK has reached 40M subscribers on YouTube!

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  1. From their rookie days, I remember the channel passing 1,000,000 subscibers and still feeling small. At the time, I wondered if BP will ever pass Big Bang or SMTOWN’s channels. From their debut to D4, they grew to 7 million, then 20 million for KTL, and now 40 million for HYLT. It’s crazy to see their channel approaching the most subscribed channels in the world.

  2. Subs since HYLT release:

    2020-06-26 Fri +1.2M 38.6M

    2020-06-27 Sat +500K 39.1M

    2020-06-28 Sun +300K 39.4M

    2020-06-29 Mon +200K 39.6M

    2020-06-30 Tue +200K 39.8M

    2020-07-01 Wed +200K 40M *LIVE*

    TOTAL: +2.6M

  3. This is crazy… I just checked and it was at 36.8M on 19th June. 1.2M new subs on 26th alone! Congratulations! <3

    I gotta give props to the marketing team as well for the HYLT pre-release hype. I hope this growth and the response to the track means that YGE will be encouraged to stick to their proposed schedule and doing good by the girls. Their social media power is unmatched; please harness it!

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