200701 At 11:30AM KST, ‘How You Like That’ has officially achieved it’s first Perfect All-kill (PAK). They are the first girl group to achieve a PAK since 2018

200701 At 11:30AM KST, ‘How You Like That’ has officially achieved it’s first Perfect All-kill (PAK). They are the first girl group to achieve a PAK since 2018

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  1. Ladies and gentlemen, we did it! Perfect All-Kill (PAK). Hell yeah! Some stats:

    * This is their third PAK with their first and second, being ‘Whistle’ and ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’ respectively.
    * This is the fourth PAK of 2020 with the first three being Zico’s ‘Any Song’, IU’s ‘I Give You My Heart’, and IU’s ‘eight’ (Prod. & Feat. SUGA of BTS).
    * They are the first idol group to get a PAK since BTS’s ‘Boy With Luv’ released in April of 2019.
    * They are the first girl group to get a PAK since Twice’s ‘Yes or Yes’ released in November 2018.
    * They are the first group to achieve a PAK in two consecutive decades.

  2. It’s 5.30 am for me and I woke up out of blue 15 minutes ago I FELT this achievement coming lmao. Congrats to my girls! I’m so happy for them & I know that they will feel happy and proud of this achievement too. Now to repeat all of this for their August/September comebacks…

  3. So happy for them!! I’ll be honest after seeing YG groups perform badly on the charts after the scandals I was nervous for the comeback and thought HYLT wasn’t going to do well so this entire week has been great. I hope the next singles are a hit too

    (Teddy give us a pink song next pls)

  4. Soribada was stressing me out holy moly

    Anyways wohooo finally what a roller coaster this has been, going from getting #2 on VIBE on Monday and sorta losing all hope since new music was released to seeing that HYLT was still stable af and withstood the new releases to seeing Soribada being annoying to now being here..*celebrations*

  5. This makes their 3rd PAK right? With Whistle and DDDD being the other ones… Wow. Iconic & legendary. And they achieved that with a pre-single! Can you imagine the main course? Chef’s kiss! #Queens #Blackpinkistherevolution

  6. Honestly, I was tracking this the whole time, and Soribada can eat a bag of pickles. But one thing I’ve noticed is how freakin’ stable the girls are on the charts. The only chart where they were a bit all over the place was Soribada, because of the awards that are going on, and everyone is streaming their artists, but also because BG stans pretty much camp there. So so so happy for them. Now they’ve had a PAK in 2016, 2018 and 2020.

    BLACKPINK is the first idol group to achieve a PAK with a debut song (Whistle)

    BLACKPINK is the girl group with the highest PAKs (93) (DDDD)

    BLACKPINK is the FIRST idol group to achieve a PAK in this decade. (How You Like That)

  7. But seriously how are we gonna break all the records in september? I’m not even talk about the july/august pre-lease tho. This is insane! We are playing this game on fire lol

  8. I’m going off topic but I’m confused why my google assistant can’t recognize HYLT after every attempt but Siri recognized it in 2 seconds. Google be sleeping on this song when its breaking records lol.

  9. I’m so happy huhu the girls deserve it!

    At the end of the day, a song is about people’s musical preferences and you can write so many critical analysis about its flaws but people like what they like.

  10. They brought out the boss bitch hah. I’m so happy to see the response to this song but I am fairly curious about how this is tracked and how each chart decides which song is on top. Maybe I’ll look it up when I’m not at work.

    Regardless, congratulations to the girls! <3

  11. This is an incredible achievement! I didn’t realize how rare it was for a gg to get a pak these days. Congratulations, Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa!!!!! So so in love with this comeback.

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