200630 Blackpink Live Q/A @ Twiter Blueroom

200630 Blackpink Live Q/A @ Twiter Blueroom

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  1. I’m letting it run in the background even though I can’t understand anything, but I’m excited for when we get a vod with subs.

    Bet we get it for this before Rosé’s Amazing Saturday. 🙁

  2. I wish they’d speak in English even if it’s only like 10% of them time here and there = especially since they should know that there’s lots of international fans.

  3. LMFAO at Jennie asking if she needs to read out the username of the person who sent a question (name was broke bitch)

    It’s stunning how far they’ve come with their variety skills from their awkward 2016-17 days

  4. Honestly a bit sad they didn’t speak English. I’d understand them speaking KR in their other interviews, but they have HELLA international fans on Twitter.

    And who’s surprised they’d be decorating with stickers LOL Cute.

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