200629 BLIИK Weekly Discussion Thread

## Hey BLIИKs!

Welcome to the Weekly Discussion Thread! Please use this thread to discuss/share any BLACKPINK content, including older ones.

Discussions ARE NOT limited to just BLACKPINK… feel free to share anything! Share how you’ve been feeling, how your day went, new music or other content you’ve been enjoying. We also ask that close-ended questions be asked here.

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  1. I saw a comment on this sub that explained how HYLT intentionally has lyrics from Boombayah, D4, and KTL. I recognize the “bada bing bada boom” and “look at me look at you” but I can’t find the lyrics from D4! Please help

  2. our chances of HYLT getting a PAK..VIBE updated it’s daily chart and HYLT is #2 which was what I was afraid of… might get a CAK so there’s that but with new music coming out later today a PAK is pretty much out of the question sadly☹️

  3. # Post Flair Changes (for now):

    * We have four new Social Media post flairs: “Instagram”, “Twitter”, “Weibo” and “Social Media (Other)”. These changes are not final, we’re still figuring out how we’re gonna do it and new submission guidelines will be ready soon.

    # Twitter Sidebar Widget on New Reddit:

    * The twitter feed is now showing tweets from BLACKPINK, and not ygofficialblink.

    # Mod Applications

    * We will soon be opening up Moderator Applications. We had a very hard time moderating during this comeback and we need more mods to keep it up.


    * Your account must be at least **6 months old** *(182 days+)*
    * Look forward to doing the “janitorial” work that is the bulk of what moderators do: removing and approving posts, clearing the mod queue, responding to modmail, explaining rules, helping people, maintaining order.
    * Must be active in [r/BLACKPINK](
    * Active on Discord
    * Be experienced with using reddit and [r/BLACKPINK](
    * A good standing in this community
    * Willing to perform the majority of moderation work from a computer & install Moderator Toolbox
    * Previous moderator experience is helpful, but not required
    * Over the age of 18

  4. I really think hylt takes what’s good about d4 and ktl but makes it better and hit harder.

    I got into bp because I absolutely love trap, hip hop, and club music and I feel like I’m in the minority of people who like that this is the music they are making now.

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200628 “HYLT” has passed 10 Million Likes in 2 days.

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