200628 BLACKPINK – ‘How You Like That’ @ SBS Inkigayo (Full Cam)

200628 BLACKPINK – ‘How You Like That’ @ SBS Inkigayo (Full Cam)

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  1. I knew I would love this choreo. I was consfused at first with the MV having too many cuts and the first performance with moving camera.

    My girl Jisoo, really improving every comeback. She didn’t come to play. I’m like a proud mom. Lol. Lisa’s stage presence is always there. It never leaves her body. I love her rap part. For an ankle that healed only recently, Jennie sure is dancing like a pro. Imagine if she had a rap part (maybe back to back with Lisa), how fire would that be. I mean this is a diss track, it should have a rap from the main rapper. Such a missed opportunity. Rosé’s body is a snake. I can watch her dance all day. She just gives her all every damn performance.

  2. Jennie stage presence is no joke. she did the hip sway thing the absolute best of the four in the first chorus. her expressions are amazing

    I love jisoo but she needs work on her expressions

  3. Not that I didn’t like the song before because I love it! But being able to see the entire choreo in one shot enhances it.

    I even saw some things that I didn’t catch in the MV/Fallon performance.

  4. Jisoo has become too op for kpop , she’s literally nailing every single move and seems to have her own unique flow. very excited to see ehat this era brings for jisoo.
    Aldo it goes without saying but a comeback jennie is a powerhouse

  5. I continue to be blown away by both the live vocals and the vocals overall in this song. Just so spot on, stable, powerful – you name it. All that touring really made them fantastic vocalists and live performers. (Not that they were bad or anything before, but now they’re way better than a lot of other really popular groups imo and approaching mamamoo (different style for sure! But both excellently executed) “vocal queen” levels )

    That and the beat make this a really great song. Almost all the criticism boils down to “it’s a BP/Teddy song and sounds like one”, which is a ridiculous thing to be mad at imo.

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