200626 BLACKPINK – ‘How You Like That’ M/V

200626 BLACKPINK – ‘How You Like That’ M/V

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  1. Is it just me or was Rosé more on the backburner this time around? Jisoo got hella screentime, not complaining at all.

    In other news, LOOK AT YOOUUU, NOW LOOK AT ME is fire

    EDIT: Upon relisten, not a fan of “IT’S A BIIIRD IT’S A PLAAANE”. Like at all lol. Also what the hell was the English phrase in the breakdown? “Bring out the-“ what now?

  2. Okay first the mv was stunning visually. Their voices pierced. Their hair and outfits were perfect and sexy. The beat slapped.

    I give it a thumbs up. If anything it has me more interested for the next single and the rest of the album. I really hope we do get another slower more emotional song. Another stay or hope not.

    I really do enjoy this though. I have no complaints.

  3. Better than I was expecting. Liked it much more than the last one on first listen (although it grew on me).

    Stupid Youtube Premiere screwed things up, though. Towards the end of the song I lost the video and got a black screen telling me that the Premiere ended 18 seconds ago, all the while the audio of the video continued playing in the background.

    Technical issues aside, very happy.

  4. i actually really liked it until the beatdrop!! i wish jisoo got to say the BLACKPINK but i guess i’ll have to hold out on that until september. she sounded great either way. rosé sounded amazing as always (her visuals were insane- i wanted to pause the video so many times just to stare at her) and lisa’s rap was hard as fuck. jennie’s vocals were great and strangely nostalgic?? man i just missed her singing lmao. i can’t say i’m mad at it for what it is.

  5. Really surprised by the production but in a good way. This single is so club and international friendly.

    Tons of vibes – elements, Trojan horse, Lilith, fallen angels, (evangelion lol) and is that a 7 deadly sins vibe Jisoo has (with envy and wrath written in her skin??). Theme is GODESSES and their diss track.

    I have to pick it through later but it seems like the pinks are tired of being underestimated lol

    I liked hearing Jisoo’s voice too! I don’t know the line distribution but I always love hearing her and her English is so good!

  6. I wish they had broken out of the Blackpink formula a bit more. I still like the song a lot, especially because Jisoo has such a strong presence.

  7. You know I wasn’t feeling it entirely the first round but giving it a second listen ims starting to really like it😅 BUT WE CAN ALL AGREE CHORO WAS ON POINT. Idk I think I’m just really a hoe for trap songs.

  8. BEFORE the internet comes and kills my high, here’s my reaction:

    * This song is so much better with Eng Captions for lyrics on (which usually isn’t my thing.) It gives so much context to the video itself. I’ve been craving more story and meaning from BP, and I think this gives it to me on so many levels. We were right; ***this is a slap back at the haters song.*** That context makes the visuals so much better. Rosie is literally getting up out of a freaking GRAVE and coming for us. Ugh. So good. The winged victory makes a whole lot of sense.
    * It has severe BigBang/2NE1 vibes, in my opinion. The end especially reminds me of “I Am the Best.” I can’t even explain how much I don’t care about so many other elements because of how much I **LOVE** the fact that these vibes are here. Ahhhh!!
    * Lisa owns this song, and I am not mad about it. She’s beautiful, her energy is 100% these vibes ALL THE TIME, so it matches her perfectly. I love it. She is perfect for this. I love this. HOWEVER, I do think the rap itself was weak and I wish there was more of it.
    * Jisoo! Kim! Popped! Off! Her attitude is so perfect throughout. I loveeeeeeeeeee her styling pretty much the entire time, and she just freaking rocks it.
    * Jennie, Jennie, Jennie, JENNIE. I wish she would have gotten more lines, and I so wish we would have gotten to hear her rap. But Jennie. Omfg. Slaying so hard with the looks and the line delivery. She sounds great. More Jennie Kim.
    * Rose’s features are short (because admittedly, the song is), but she juices the hell out of them. She shines so hard.

    I think, overall, this song is telling us “We are not done. We are not going anywhere. Get ready.”





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