200625 BLACKPINK – ‘How You Like That’ (D-1 Comeback Poster)

200625 BLACKPINK – ‘How You Like That’ (D-1 Comeback Poster)

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  1. Seriously can’t believe after over 400 days it’s almost here. We will have a new BP song in one more day! Plus their Jimmy Fallon appearance and hopefully many more performances in the following weeks. 🤩 It still feels surreal haha the wait was excruciating but major props to those of us who have stuck it out! 🙌 One more day!

  2. More information:

    > BLACKPINK’s pre-release track “How You Like That” is a hip-hop song with BLACKPINK’s individuality and charismatic sounds

    > BLACKPINK to make comeback tomorrow with pre-release track “How You Like That” described as a Hip-Hop track filled with BLACKPINK’s colour and charm

    > “How You Like That” is also noted to have anticipated drops and vocal parts within the song too


    Does anyone know how ‘Kill This Love’ or ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’ was described prior to release?

  3. nah guys i can’t believe it.. back in april I am this pessimist fool who’s saying our comeback would be in march 2021 (because I believed that rumor of a white valentine concept back in feb).

    I was ready to binge watch all their shows for the quarantine then bitch-ass they announced it 😭. there’s still a lingering doubt of course back in may because hello it’s yg??? but now, NOW, we’re finally 1 day away from it.

    to new blinks, enjoy this comeback. we’re telling you, this is actually looking like their best one yet.

    to old blinks who stayed with bp all this time, THANK YOU. like literally thank you. we may have the same old discussions like every month because we literally have nothing to talk about, but here we are, 1 day away.. still feels surreal.

  4. It’s my best friends birthday on the 26th… we’ve organised a big day so it means I will not be listening to the song until like 12hrs later😭.

    I want to enjoy the song properly and take it all in instead of rushing it at her small party so I’ll be missing from the sub all day guys. Can’t wait to come back to all the discussions!!

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