200624 BLACKPINK – ‘How You Like That’ (Music Video Teaser)

200624 BLACKPINK – ‘How You Like That’ (Music Video Teaser)

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  1. The last shot just before the shots of the girls is stunning.

    Honestly just all of it looks amazing; those wings (?) with the guantlet in the middle, the girls obviously, Jennie with the flower headband. Just perfect 🤧

    EDIT: Apparently it’s Jisoo with the headband not Jennie

  2. How has no one commented on Jennie’s philtrum piercing yet??? AGH.

    Also, this intro is sick. Yes, it does echo KTL with the horns, but unlike KTL, it is FAR more rounded out with full orchestral backing, so it isn’t nearly as “shrill” (not that I disliked the horns in KTL mind you, it just took a little while for them to grow on me).

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