200622 BLACKPINK – ‘How You Like That’ (Group Credit Image Teaser)

200622 BLACKPINK – ‘How You Like That’ (Group Credit Image Teaser)

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  1. Their outfits holy shit. Such a slay Jesus.


    >Lyrics: Teddy and Danny Chung
    >Composition: Teddy, RT, and 24
    >Arrangement: RT and 24

    Who would’ve guessed lol? ~~Not me.~~

  2. Now she’s Silversé…

    Sucks that there’s no credits for the girls for this song but we still have about 10 other for them to get their first official credits.

  3. Rosé’s hair looks so good in this teaser! I’m honestly loving the outfits and can’t wait to see these alongside the other two in the MV.

  4. Even though I knew at some point we were just going to get a static picture with the credits, I was still hoping for a bit more today. But now I”m even more confused as to what this song and video are going to be like.

  5. So, the composition and arrangement for this song, at least the original, is over a year old because R.Tee had to enlist last March/April. It’s possible there was a lot of work since but they need to include him for being part of the original composition.

    Danny Chung contributed lyrics to ‘Really’ (Square Up) and ‘Kick It’ (Kill This Love).

  6. Ugh, styling team came through. I adore all the looks we’ve been getting so far and this set might just be my favourite! I’m finding it super hard to pick the best one here because it looks like all of them are the best ones. 👏🏽👏🏽

  7. Jisoo and Lisa look so damn good in this one. Never been a huge fan of denim usually but Jisoo’s boots with that gold top save it for her. I love the jacket hanging off too. And even with my not liking denim tops myself, I have to admit the design on Jennie’s is very cool.

    Lisa’s jacket is fly as hell too, but they got our girl padded to hell in that sports bra which seems a bit unnecessary. I do really prefer her short hair, so I’m loving that. She got the best outfit imo. (boots on boots)

    Rosie’s boots kind of remind me of Lisa’s from AIIYL. And I’m loving the variety of hair styles they’ve given her in these teasers. Silver looks great and I expect we’ll get both silver and blue.

    At this point I’m really just curious which outfits make it in to the MV!

  8. I expect something like As If It’s Your Last + Fire (Teddy from 2009) with futuristic esthetics and obscure scenes, I felt Come Back Home vibes with the first teasers. I don’t trying to compare but it’s what I feel and the producers are the same. with blackpink charms I think it will be one the best comeback in Kpop history so far. Jisoo is so gorgeous.

  9. Can we have more of this style for lisa? I’m tired of seeing her in baggy clothes like the stylists seem to want to cover her banging ass body deliberately. Except for her Emo look, that shit was fire. I’m ready for metalhead Lisa for the dance break. 🤡

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