200621 BLACKPINK – ‘How You Like That’ (Concept Teaser Video)

200621 BLACKPINK – ‘How You Like That’ (Concept Teaser Video)

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  1. I’m just not a fan of that low demon voice harmony thing going on lol Hoping the full mix makes it stand out less. Otherwise very excited for a new song.

  2. Yoo, I’m finally up to catch it live! This marks six days of waking up to HYLT teasers and I’m crying.

    P.S. The beeps are back and OT4 look stunning af and we’re just five days away from finding out what this CB will look like.

    I’ve never been this hyped for a song in my life. 🙈

  3. Ok, so the sterile tiled room has now gained a piano black table & a pair of chairs.

    Still have no idea what any of this is leading towards or if it’s to explicitly throw everyone off.

  4. I feel like these teasers have really emphasized that BP is composed of 4 soloists rather than a mix of lead singers and backup. It’s something I really like about the group, like my least favorite kpop groups are the ones that feel like they have a bazillion members who are all dressed identically or near identically. And it’s also different from western pop groups where it’s like there’s two leads and 3-4 backup members who kind of fade into the background compared to the leads. I like that I know who each member is in BP and how they each have their own distinct personality and role they play in the group. Like I just got into BP this past fall and I find them to be really refreshing, tbh.

  5. I really did not think they could do better teasers AND THEY DROP THIS? WHAT THE FUCK I AM RUINED.

    Also rose saying “Ha-How you like that” is my new religion thank you we accept followers.
    “Thou shall stan Blackpink”- Rosé 06:26

  6. I’m really glad that this is my first time experiencing a Blackpink comeback (I could’ve experienced it with KTL, but I only discovered it 3 months after it came out), because it seems like we’re getting fed damn near everyday.

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