200613 BLACKPINK – ’24/365 with BLACKPINK’ Prologue

200613 BLACKPINK – ’24/365 with BLACKPINK’ Prologue

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  1. Is anyone else shocked which name won? LMAOOO I was so confident that ‘behind the pinks’ would win to the point where I didn’t even question it. Anyways I’m really excited to watch this yay!

  2. I hope Yg can keep it up with content. Treasure has so much consistent content, every Friday is treasure maps, I was hoping we could get something similar for the pinks cos they do challengers but I’ll literally take any blackpink content.

  3. People who didn’t vote for “behind the pinks” are uncultured

    Edit: pls watch it on the highest quality.

    The girls are so damn gorgeous I missed them 💕💕

  4. Rosie making it sound like a cat fight, and Jennie making it sound like King of the Mountain. I’m so curious about this song now.


    *edit because I’m too excited to type sentences properly. Still can’t do it …

  5. I loved hearing the members roasting Lisa about her new “tough mentor” image.

    It’s like damn YG, this is all we want. We just want to hear from the girls, what they’re thinking and feeling. They have a beautiful relationship with one another, but we get to see it so rarely. I hope there’s a lot more.

  6. YES content !!!! so that was the voting for lol and the song spoiler thought its gonna be their pink side but jisoo said its gonna be a swaggy side lmao im confused now

  7. Key takeaways for each member:
    JISOO is the MC that’s why she’s been giving us those “let’s have fun this June” thing.
    ROSÉ gonna change her hair color.
    JENNIE – we’ll get more content from her JENTLE HOME. And let’s not worry about her ankle anymore.
    LISA came up with the 24/365 with the help of JENNIE.


    And lastly…. concept of the new song is SWAG feat. KING KONG 🤣🤣🤣

  8. I hope Jennie’s leg have healed up by now and looks like the new song won’t be similar to D4/KTL so i’m very excited! I get Whistle vibes from their descriptions

  9. But omg we’ll get vlogs of them recording in the studio?? Like omg yes?? I feel like that’s one of the times they’re most happy tbh but we never got that content much (except for the 2 ig lives we got from them recently in the TBL studio).

    Well, it’s about time! I’m so excited!! 😍😍♥️

  10. ‪Rosé acknowledging that she’s still blonde and saying that we sometimes call them the Pinks. She definitely lurks on social media, especially Twitter lol

  11. It feels so weird seeing them again lol but I couldn’t stop smiling throughout😄

    This looks like a lot of fun though. Summer of Blackpink, here we come!

  12. Jisoo imitating Lisa’s “You don’t have to be sorry to me” from YWY2 was hilarious LOL. This series really came out of the blue but I’m so happy!! It’s been way too long!

  13. I’m beyond excited to see the behind the scenes with the Pinks!!! This comeback is going to be epic! I missed the girls so much. I saw my notification and freaked out when I saw it. I still can’t believe that its finally happening! 24/365 is clever for the show title too. 💙❤

  14. Couldn’t believe we got 14min of new content out of the blue ! It’s so good to hear they’re reactions to Lisa’s Strict mentor persona lmao I loved it, and seriously looking forward to this series, hopefully we get to see them in the studio a lot more

  15. YES! I have so many things to say about this! First of all, this show is EVERYTHING I have been wanting from Blackpink! I could not be any more excited to get regular updates, behind the scenes footage, and just goofing around. I have missed their personalities and chemistry SO so much. It was so refreshing to finally see them again. Secondly, I’m loving Lisa’s new stern attitude. Third, that new song spoiler…. 👀 Sounds like it’s going to be a hard hitting banger and a throwback to their earlier sound – I am SO hoping that’s the case! I am so looking forward to the summer of Blackpink! 🖤💖

  16. I love Jisoo’s impression of mentor Lisa! loll

    edit: I just really hope that the girls are being protected as they break into western pop and international superstardom. Like obviously the vlogs will be scripted but I hope they don’t feel like they’re oversharing parts of their lives they don’t want to!

  17. Jisoo mentioning how it’s not going to be ‘powerful’ like their recent songs indicates to me that this album is not going to be like D4 or Kill this Love. Since she said it’ll be more ‘swaggy’ I’m thinking something closer to Whistle?

  18. * The return of MC Chu! I appreciate the full newscaster look but with a loose tie.
    * 24/365 with Blackpink from their debut song. It’s better than Bottle full of Henny with Blackpink from their other debut song. 24/7 fits since it’s supposed to show what they do in their daily lives.
    * ‘There’s no need to be sorry to me, you should be sorry to your members.’ sounds even more vicious coming from Jisoo.
    * ‘Shouldn’t all computers run 24/7’ are the words of an addict that can’t wait 30 seconds for the computer to boot. I also leave mine on 24/7 too. lol

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