200602 BLACKPINK Lisa’s former manager reportedly swindled 1 billion won from her since her debut

200602 BLACKPINK Lisa’s former manager reportedly swindled 1 billion won from her since her debut

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  1. >Market News is sharing BLACKPINK’s Lisa was a victim of fraud by A, her former manager for around 1 billion won.
    >He told her that he would use the money to help her with real estate, but gambled it all away instead.
    >Currently, MarketNews is stating that this manager is still employed at YG Entertainment but is in the process of leaving the company.

    [translation]( | [translation 2](

  2. Is this why her manager was replaced? That’s actually sad af; they seemed to have a good relationship on the surface.

    Well at least action is being taken now I guess?

    EDIT: That confirmation though. While the money is significant, the breach of trust is a greater disappointment. The poor girl was in a position where she trusted her manager to look out for her best interests and this is what happens. Good riddance.

  3. Hold up. What the actual fuck!? 1 billion won is like 1 million USD. And the audacity to trick her into giving him this money by telling her it would help with her real estate and then gambling it all away. Well, at least we know the reason why he is the former manager of Lisa. But why for the love of God is he still working at YG? Did they not know about this and there are even more shady things about this manager? Or did they just not care? This is absolutely insane. Lisa did nothing to deserve this. He used her. He knew she was vulnerable. All of her hard-earned money is now gone due to this piece of shit. What kind of person can bring themselves to do something like this? A foreigner and a newly debuted member of one of the biggest groups in the world. What the actual fuck is wrong with people? To think that she was best friends with this person and not knowing that this was going on under her nose. The amount of trust that we as blinks had, the amount of trust the members had in him, and the amount that everyone had in him and only for it to blow up in their faces. Absolutely disgusting. Why the fuck was this allowed to happen and how was this not caught sooner and why is he still working under YG!?

    EDIT: [YGE Confirmation](

  4. and i bet YGE will do nothing. resigning? he needs to go to jail!

    istg this girl can’t catch a break! she doesn’t deserve any of this, i’m so sad 🙁

  5. What a piece of trash…Lisa’s been paid less during debut and he had the audacity to steal from her, and the fact that he accompanied her during her family vacations. That person deserves jail idc

  6. He was her manager since debut. The 1 billion won might not be all that scumbag took…

    No mention of what her “management” company is doing about this…like wtf is this:
    >Currently, MarketNews is stating that this manager is still employed at YG Entertainment but is in the process of leaving the company

    She didn’t leave her country at age 14, learn an entirely different language, beat all those other trainees and become one of the most successful Kpop idol ever to be treated like this.

    Update: [Lisa wishes for a smooth settlement]( The manager has reimbursed some of the money and created a repayment plan.

  7. Lisa was also paid less before simply because she was Thai right? So it makes sense that she would invest her money and the manager took advantage of that. Lisa doesn’t deserve this. I know she’s nice but sue that guy.

  8. Thats a huge amount of money, but forget about that, Lisa is filthy rich anyways…

    What bothers me more is the raw hearbreak she must’ve felt.

    That’s just pure betrayal… And must’ve really really really felt unpleasant… That fact that Lisa just want it to be settle smoothly, means he really treated that person as family/really close friend..

    My heart aches 💔

  9. That’s such a betrayal of trust. I hope it doesn’t affect her trust in other people and connections too much. cause when people start questioning every single interaction/connection they have, it’s not good for the mental health. =/

  10. Wtf! I was waiting for news about BP. I didn’t expect something like this. My blood is boiling right now and my heart is breaking for Lisa. What’s even worse is it seems like YGE is not guiding her enough into finding justice and accountability. What the hell is wrong with that company?? Don’t they have legal team to protect their artists for something like this?


    This is also what I’m talking about when some blinks have growing resentment with the girls for not doing live often. They might be going through a lot of things apart from YGE’s mistreatment and mismanagement of their career.

  11. This makes me feel sick to my stomach. The exact person that we all trusted to protect Lisa ended up taking advantage of her. YG should step up, reimburse her losses and collect from him themselves.

  12. I know the right and just way is really to sue but I can definitely imagine Lisa having enough compassion left to just let the man repay her and not go to court– 1 billion won is already HUGE enough to pay, and considering the manager doesnt work in YG anymore, he probably won’t get accepted ANYWHERE anymore, Lisa probably didn’t want to make it more impossibly hard than it already is for him, though he is definitely an absolute asshole for tricking her. It’s sad, and I can imagine it’s so hard for Lisa too since she trusted that man🥺🥺😭😭😭🤬

  13. Wow that’s a lot of money. I would have gone for his head

    Also explains why she’s booking gigs here and there and never giving herself a break. Subconsciously she knows she needs to make that money back. She keeps a smile on her face like it’s nothing but no one knows what’s really going on. Poor Lisa.

    I hope she got smarter with what happened and decided to involve lawyers in their new settlement. It can take a lifetime to pay her back 1B won.

    It’s okay, Lisa, after all, you are a girl in your early 20’s, for some of us that’s the time we go out to the world and figure things for ourselves, making bad decisions along the way, including financial ones. You are allowed to be naive and make mistakes so you can learn and grow from that.

    You guys, we should just support her and be with her during these tough times. They’re coming back soon, so she needs all your love to bring that smile back on her face.

  14. Shit that’s a lot of money. This is heartbreaking. Lisa must’ve trusted him with all her heart. He was her manager since debut after all. It’s not only about the money, imagine the pain of betrayal, broken friendship on Lisa’s part, and broken trust. Lisa’s is probably traumatized and would have a hard time trusting new managers and people working for her in the future.

    The world we live in. Damn the world must be really ending.

  15. WT…. That’s heart breaking…
    Getting the person fired and paying for it won’t do it. Yeah, Lisa is handling the situation smoothly and I understand her somehow.

    But YG should do something.. I never complained to YG once. Mistreatment, false promise, delays. I never really complain about it since I’m trusting they have plans that I might not understand looking from the outside. But this time, its more than just the money… it’s about trust…

    Step up for your artist please..

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