200530 BLACKPINK’s pre-release track will reportedly be on June 12

200530 BLACKPINK’s pre-release track will reportedly be on June 12

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  1. An excerpt from the article:
    > The nice face, BLACKPINK, will also come back on the 12th. Since it was a domestic activity for about a year and two months since ‘KILL THES LOVE’ in April of last year, the news of BLACKPINK’s comeback has already excited many fans. In addition, BLACKPINK, which is about to release its first regular album in September, is planning to enter a large-scale project, starting with the announcement of a public song on the 12th.

  2. I doubt it to be honest, but it makes sense in the long run. It’s a Friday release and it’s enough time after Sour Candy and right after Yedam’s solo. It’s perfect, but we’ll have to wait and see. Though they haven’t filmed anything or have had any teasers so it’s probably false. Also what is this site and how did they get a hold of the comeback dates lol.

    EDIT: Caption from [this]( Jennie post

    >💕💕💕 블링크 봐서 기분 좋은 하루 💕💕💕

    6 emotes 12 hearts. 6/12 otherwise known as June 12th. Did Jennie tease the date for us just a couple weeks back??? 🤡

  3. I mean it‘s easy to proof this “news”. Wait until Monday, if we hear there from the pinks, I‘m confident that it will be the 12th, if not it won’t be the 12th.

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