200529 Rosé IG Update

200529 Rosé IG Update

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  1. Looks like YGE are doing something similar to what they did with WINNER’s ‘Baby Baby’ having other YGE artists do their own covers of the song before it’s official release.

    Edit: words because dyslexia is a bitch

    edit2: No gonna lie at first i didn’t think much of this even after reading the comments…but now thinking about it’s just so weird.

    Like Blackpink has just had their biggest collaboration of their career so far with LADY GAGA released and then this gets uploaded…yeah it definitely rubs me the wrong way and i can see why so many others don’t like this as well.

  2. Bad optics once again. This company doesn’t have a clue what’s going on surrounding their artists fanbase, and they keep wondering why their fandoms hate them so much. Nothing has basically changed when they said ‘they wanted to regain trust’ with the new CEO, I think it’s gotten even worse. Even Somi’s fans are getting fed up with them after the honeymoon phase wore off.

    That new position their hiring for a ‘fandom manager’ can’t come soon enough.

  3. I hope this doesn’t put a dent in the “ROSÉ SOLO ” spam on twitter because that’s exactly what YG wants to happen with telling rose to cover this ( also don’t come at me with ” she isn’t forced to cover this song” give me a break. When was the last time BP covered a freaking song for promotion of another artist ?, As if YG would even allow that)

    The fact they told specifically Rosé to do that is seriously fucked up. They want to straight up shut down/guilt everyone demanding rosé’s solo in the last couple of days .

  4. With the response, it’s getting more and more obvious.

    The wast majority of Blinks don’t really care about the whole “supporting your label mates” shtick. Most Blinks found out about Blackpink outside of kpop and outside of kpop the whole “family” under 1 company isn’t really a thing. In the rest of the world people who love Eminem don’t think to themselves “lets support Kendrick because he’s Eminem’s junior” type of thing.

    People don’t have that approach to stanning outside of kpop and it plays a big reason why most people are still mad.

  5. I didn’t really understand what the “big 3 perks” meant until now , well at least for Yedam. Getting promos from world class artists for his solo song even before the guy has debuted. Well I am happy atleast someone has things going for them..

  6. She sounds amazing as always. Literally can sing pretty much anything. But this is almost too painful to watch because we know she deserves so much better. Sour Candy just dropped yesterday and already topping charts and YG couldn’t care less before and after the track was released. Now they want BP fandom to do what? Lol No. Disgusting. They use Blackpink and their fandom whenever they need help desperately. Disgusting.

  7. The one thing I’m just slightly mad and sad about is how YG made Taeyang and Rosé do this for Yedam; they KNOW that they are the two biggest vocalists in the company. It’s tragic how they know it, yet they don’t use one of them at all

  8. The amount of dislikes that are going to be on Yedam’s solo and Treasure’s debut is going to be so disheartening, and it all stems from mismanagement. It’s such a shame as they don’t deserve to have such a rough debut.

    The experience of other companies show that good management and releasing content on a frequent and consistent basis is the key to success. I mean Agust D literally dropped his mixtape album days after TXT’s comeback, and I didn’t see any complaining since Big Hit is always engaging with fans.

    It could all be so different…

  9. I can’t believe they even had the nerve to ask her to do this cover. I’ve seen people saying she wasn’t forced, but it’s no coincidence the big bang dude also did the same cover at the same time.

    No mention of Sour Candy at all while almost all The Black Label artists/producers posted it on their stories. It’s very frustrating even for someone who usually doesn’t get too angry over this type stuff.

  10. Apparently Rosé was wearing the same clothes when her, Jennie, and Jisoo did a Vlive. They waited almost exactly 24 hours after Sour Candy was dropped to ride the hype and made her post the cover. With the fact that she’s conveniently in YG building and have a guitarist, says a lot. BLINKS are right, the girl was held at gunpoint.

  11. Rosé is adorable and I’m glad to see her again so soon!

    The general response to this has been peak truck people shit.

    Omniscient telepaths proclaiming their blessed insight into the past, present, and future, all while ignoring that YG artists (including the pinks) have promoted other groups on their own SNS for quite a long while.

    We finally got some content with more coming, time to find something even stupider to scream about!

  12. Hey guys, I know that it sucks Rosé hasn’t gotten her solo yet but it is not Bang Yedam’s fault so please don’t send hate to him or any of the Treasure boys. This probably doesn’t need to be said here but I know on twitter lots of BLINKs are being very toxic about it.

    YG has handled BP *and* Treasure very poorly. Treasure has had their debut delayed so many times in typical YG fashion. Bang Yedam in particular has been training since June 2013 or possibly earlier, which is *7 years* of training. So let’s support him and not send any hate to him. That is the last thing Rosé and the girls would want for their juniors. If you have to be mad, be mad at YG.

  13. it’s so sick that she’s performing a solo for someone who hasn’t debuted yet. No hate to him, but look at Rosé. She doesn’t look happy at all, and she’s reading lyrics off a sheet. I feel so bad for her, YG please give a solo to her as well as Jisoo and Lisa.

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