Lady Gaga & BLACKPINK – Sour Candy


[Chromatica – Studio Album by Lady Gaga](

**Release Time:** May 29th, 12:00 AM/00:00 LOCAL TIME *(or as BP would’ve said it, 12AM IN YOUR AREA)*

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**Credits:** Lady Gaga, BloodPop®, Matthew Burns, Rami Yacoub, Madison Emiko Love & Hong Jun Park *(Teddy Park)*

**Song Length:** 2:37


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**SPOILER ALERT!** **Don’t scroll down if you’re waiting for the song to be released in your country.**

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  1. >If you don’t want any spoilers, don’t scroll down!

    Well guess i’ll come back to this thread in 13hours when the song is officially released here in Sweden :))

  2. I like it , its pretty addictive and easy to digest .I think Rose’s part is my favorite.

    Yeah, the 2:37 song IS infact pretty short. It feels like it ends too soon. Rosé and Jennie got very little lines . I think Lisa has pretty good representation , And surprisingly jisoo got what seems like respectable portion in korean too. But I have to say its a PACKEDT song. packed to the brink with jamz and bops

    There isn’t a very distinct /jammable chorus

    TLDR: ‘Tis a fun song lel , I’ll be listening to it for a long time

  3. I listened to it already. I think after the refrain the chorus should’ve come instead of lady gaga’s verse. It makes it a bit underwhelming. Again like ktl the chorus is weak. Rain on me’s chorus is AMAZING.

  4. You can definitely feel the length on this one. Could have used an extra 40 seconds or so. It has Lady Gaga’s deep voice speaking like Rain on Me though which I absolutely love. Overall it is really catchy, even without an impressive chorus and the group as a whole got a nice showing with a good number of lines!

    Really fun song in all! Its an absolute banger and I think a great collab! The language jumping doesn’t seem jarring in the song at all and Lady Gaga and Blackpink fit well together. (Not surprising though, I love both and buying the album at midnight)

  5. I thought with a short length like this for a song we’d only have to give up on a good bridge… I’m not a fan of the structure of the song and kinda disappointed with the chorus, though I quite like the lyrics and the contrast of the voices. Rosé’s last part is my favourite but it’s so short sadly.

  6. ok, so i listened to it lol sorry, i’m a pophead and leaks prior to album release, especially for big names like gaga, ALWAYS happen. i’ll stream the sh!t out of it tho. the intro was PERFECTION, i was SHOOK. jennie’s voice changed like 3 times omg queen of versatility! ROSE’S VOCALS REALLY SHONE IN THIS ONE, IT’S HER SONG!!! BUT, i think all members got enough time to shine individually. i liked lisa’s part the most <3 and i LOVED jisoo’s deep vocals, glad she got korean lyrics 😀 lyrics are pretty basic but they’re catchy af. it’s a eurodance track, so i’m glad that bp got to do stuff like this. it’s sadly super short and honestly, you feel it. the transition from gaga’s prechorus to pinks’ chorus was like ??? we’re missing bridge here but the song ALREADY is stuck in my head.

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