200423 Lady Gaga x Blackpink in Sour Candy for Chromatica

200423 Lady Gaga x Blackpink in Sour Candy for Chromatica

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  1. Love this. They all can totally rock these outfits. I feel like I’ve seen Jennie wear something similar before. Think it was her Solo outfit where she dissed dispatched. Big fan of the gaga x Marvel vibes I’m getting here.

  2. Gaga, known for her eccentric and extravagant wardrobes, wore Blackpink’s Jennie Kim as an elegant shoulder drape in the recently released music video for Sour Candy, the latest single released from her sixth studio album, Chromatica. This was even more impressive considering they both still danced in the music video while so intertwined.

    According to Gaga, “It wasn’t actually that hard. Jennie is a very tiny person.”

    Roseanne Park, also known as Blackpink’s Rosé, said, “It could have been me. Yes I’m taller, but I am also very thin and not weighted down by all that Chanel jewelry Jennie is contractually obligated to wear. Plus, Lady Gaga and I are both blonde in this music video. But I’m happy at how well Jennie-unnie did and the video looks great.”

    Despite this last assurance, there was something distinctly pouty about Rosé’s demeanor. – Rolling Stone, January 2021


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