200213 Netflix documentary basically confirmed

200213 Netflix documentary basically confirmed

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  1. That moment Netflix is (eventually) producing more Blackpink related content then Yg themselves… At least we get more internal content and get to know the girl better.

  2. Damn. This should be interesting to see what comes out and how many more Blinks we gain and it’ll be fun to watch them destroy every international record and their international popularity skyrocket with their name known almost everywhere.

  3. This is still unconfirmed, a twitter reply from Netflix CS is not an official statement. Since this post already has some attention, I’ll leave it up but remember not to editorialize titles please.

  4. The person’s question was posed in such a way as to assume there was a documentary in the works and only the date is uncertain.

    Netflix would have responded differently if it was an unfounded rumour, but instead went along with the premise which is a hint something is happening.

    YGE may like to keep mum on unannounced projects, but Netflix usually has no problem sharing news of what content is in production.

  5. If it’s true, I hope we get an actual behind the scenes look of their work, plus I hope we get to hear their thoughts on being an idol and maybe some clips of their trainee days.

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200213 When searching “BLACKPINK” on Netflix.. this comes up. Thoughts?

200213: Jennie at a London airport laughing when a fan screams “I’m gonna start dragging your hair, give her space!”