200213 When searching “BLACKPINK” on Netflix.. this comes up. Thoughts?

200213 When searching “BLACKPINK” on Netflix.. this comes up. Thoughts?

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  1. I just saw this on Twitter too. I’m low key worried that this “global project” is just a Blackpink house 2 followed by another mini album. Content is nice, but new and more music is nicer

  2. Spciy🤡

    Seriously tho, if this actually happens it would be really cool honestly and i do wonder if this is part of the so called “Globad Project” or not, regardless i’m excited but still cautious.

  3. 👀 totally excited for a Blackpink documentary!

    edit- something that I would LOVE to see is behind the scenes footage of them in the studio. The making of the album, etc

  4. Well that is unexpected but welcome. If this is the global project then the number of Blinks will increase exponentially and their international popularity will do the same. Hell they’ll be known all over the Western countries.

  5. I just tried this myself and it worked…really having trouble not believing this is what they meant by global projects!!! The dark hair on Lisa, the Netflix doc….it’s all coming together!!!

  6. If this is actually promoted and visible for a lot of people this might be a genius move to make people care for BP who aren’t already fans in the first place. Yeah there is blackpink house, etc already out there, but a well produced documentary which is highly visible and not only when you follow them on youtube (or even worse vlive) would be so much better for that.
    Seems exciting, but depends on details really. With that being said, i hope that’s only part of the global project 😀

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