200211 BLACKPINK is reportedly preparing their biggest global project ever, in secrecy ahead of their comeback

200211 BLACKPINK is reportedly preparing their biggest global project ever, in secrecy ahead of their comeback

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  1. A [translation]( excerpt from the article:

    >News1 shares BLACKPINK ahead of their comeback planned for the first half of 2020 are also planning to share a new global project which is expected to surprise fans as a thanks for support
    >News1 notes BLACKPINK’s comeback date will be announced soon too.


    From [r/kpop](

    >A lot of highlights about BlackPink’s achievements in the previous comeback including their world tour. An industry official said that the group has been working on a large scale project in secret. BLACKPINK is in the final stages of recording a new song for a comeback for the first half of the year for the fans, with UMG supporting their global activities. YG says nothing’s confirmed at this point.


    UPDATE from another [article](

    >YG Entertainment says that the rumored global project is hard to confirm at this point so they ask fans to wait for an official announcement but assures that BLACKPINK are working hard to meet with fans with new music and great news soon.


    Soompi: [BLACKPINK Reportedly Preparing Major Global Project + YG Entertainment Responds](

  2. God dammit, how many times do I gotta reapply my clown makeup?!

    Edit: There’s a part in me that feels different this time. IDK why but ot feels like something is for sure going down. Usually, YG would release the news but this time, they’re not confirming anything.

  3. Oh my, what could it be!? Time to put on our clown suits again. My god, how many times will we have to do this until we actually get stuff lol. It feels like YG is teasing us so hard by giving us small bits of information but never the information we want.

    EDIT: Holy s***, just read the article. If they are actually in talks with Universal Music Group (UMG), their comeback in the West is gonna be huge.

  4. If i had to guess about the “global project” it would be some collaboration with a rather big western artist, but who knows!
    I hope this “will be announced soon” is in the next two weeks or so, i don’t need a ton of announcements of announcements in between, actual information is what we want 😀

  5. So much was said yet nothing was said. This is how it is with a incompetent company as YGE. Confirm **anything**, 1 thing and all this gets something to latch behind. This way all this is are rumors while all we get are birthday posters. Unless it’s coming from the company itself I’m not taking anything seriously.

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