190712 Blackpink Diaries Episode 11

190712 Blackpink Diaries Episode 11

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  1. The mission to see all sharks explains why they always seem to be visiting aquariums. That was pretty cool to know. Also, Jisoo’s happiness at the drawing was too awesome.

  2. They are so adorable!! Aaa It feels so good to see professional footage from the Atlanta Concert! Brings back so many feelings from experiencing it in person…

    Also I’m super glad I made it in the video! I’m the girl with Pink & Blue hair at 8:41 right before the last large group shot yelling “Black Pink”! Super duper fun to see me and my line-mates all in the video!!!

  3. Ok, honest question, did Jennie seem really down at the end?
    I’m really worried about her emotional health. I know it’s sometimes a rollercoaster and I’m afraid that we’ll see the down. 🙁 🙁 🙁

    These videos are so great and I hope they never stop them!!

  4. i said this on the r/kpop sub but ill just repost here:

    this whole episode felt like it was gonna be the last time we ever see the girls, especially the ending. idk why but i got so teary-eyed and just, there really is no other group like these 4 amazing women. so well rounded, talented, humble, and just, you cant describe them. i truly love this group so much and to see them have such a successful tour and success in korea, america, and other countries is a dream come true. i hope they know that they mean everything to their fans and while their label is a mess, the girls, even at their lowest moments, never let us down. thank you blackpink, for everything ♥

  5. I was so shocked that I ended up in this diaries from the Atlanta show ^^ It was such a good time, and I also went to the aquarium (sadly not at the same time 🙁 ) It made me feel good to watch this one though. ^^

  6. Out of curiosity, how are Rose and Lisa’s Korean accents to a native speaker? Do they have an accent compared to say, Jisoo? As I don’t know Korean I can’t really tell but have always wondered.

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