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Hey guys, so I just made this survey/form/election thing; high school awards. I’m not sure if every school did it, but here in my home-state in America at least, it’s very common for the seniors to “Vote” for members of their graduating class on things like best car, best hair, best friends, etc. etc. I thought it would be fun to do something like that for the group, and have you guys vote. You can vote for them however you want; what you assume they would have won in high school, or what you think would be most appropriate to them now. **This is purely for fun.**

It’s going to ask for a google email, but that’s just to limit the number of surveys per user. I won’t see your email or any personal information so don’t worry.


I’m going to post a reminder thread in a few days, and maybe by the end of next week I’ll close it and go over all of the results, and make a big post of how everything measures out. Let me know if there are any glaring mistypes or duplicates and I’ll do my best to fix it quick. 🙂

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