Unpopular blackpink opinions?

Here’s mine- See u later is their best song I don’t care what anyone says lmao. The song is so fun and their most effortlessly badass song yet. [Just look at it’s english translation](

“Your sorry rings like an empty can

Now it all it sounds like is a dog barking

When I come to, everything about you makes my skin crawl

I’ll throw you away recycle

The girl next to you is an idiot

I’ll tell you today, I don’t want you no more”

“You liked the way I used to walk away from you

Look at this all you want and remember

Bye bye bye bye bye”

Seriously, that song doesn’t get enough credit for being so badass. Plus when you watch live performances of the song the girls look especially lively and energetic, it’s such a fun song!

What are your unpopular (non-repetitive) opinions?

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