Blackpink London VIP Meet-up

Hi y’all,

I made a post back in February about a possible meet-up before the show and now that the itinerary has been sent out and I’m nearly finished with my exams I’ve finally got around to making the post!

Check-in is from 12:00-16:00 for Pink VIP (the ticket I have). I’ve noticed the Black and Pink VIP packages have separate entrances so I’m not sure if we all meet before the soundcheck.

I guess just drop your name, what time you’ll be arriving, whether you got Black or Pink VIP package and your instagram/picture of yourself so we can all recognise each other on the day. I’ll update things from there cause I believe we all hang around in the VIP lounge before the show starts but I’m not 100% on that.

My instagram is @[matt.yi]( if u want to follow me there to have another means of contact other than reddit.

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