Blackpink reveals their interpretation of Kill This Love, and it’s different and deeper than how most people saw it

[You can listen to it here on 5:50](

[And another one](

She says “and to really find ourselves within *those loves*” as in they are not talking about a specific toxic relationship they wanna kill, but rather about a certain kind of relationships they want to kill and replace with other relationships. This connects with freedom of stereotypes and finding yourself in that love as in not making a shallow love of pretend (“in the end we lie, so what, so what”) but looking for a deeper one. She also says “It’s about killing toxic love–that hurts us” and not “killing a toxic love”, so I think she really does talk about a type of love and not about a certain relationship.

By the way, when sites worded the interview, they changed that quote to: “and to really find ourselves within [that] love.” as in, the one who worded this probably misunderstood what she said.

So yep I recommend going back and watching the MV since I saw it that way and it really made the song soo amazing to me. It’s 5 or more times better with that meaning, to me.

I also just wanna say that when I commented my interpretation on r/kpop’s comments I got downvoted a ton, lol, so a tip to yall not to be too fast to cancel something that sounds odd to you

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