Can We Band Together To Fight Some H8?


(Disclaimer: I don’t know if this is allowed, I don’t know if we’re allowed on this reddit to call out to others to action.)

The H8 is real. And it’s bothering me.

Do my fellow Blinks want to help me fight the hate on a video?

The Hate is coming from the same idea “This is so boring” “They lack energy” which, I don’t know why on Earth people are saying this, but It’s really bothering me.


They’re saying things like “This is So Boring.” “They have no energy” and my favorite “It’s just my opinion, but. . .”

# So, here’s my calling to my other Blinks:

# Can we go through [this video]( and upvote the positive comments, downvote the hate, and then post our own positive comments?

****BUT WHATEVER YOU DO: DO NOT fight with the negative comments. If you see a comment that doesn’t make sense, then you can politely disagree with them with “I” comments — like “I actually thought it was pretty good.” or “I enjoyed it, I’m sorry you didn’t.”**


^(is this ok to post? I wanna support my girls, but I don’t want to be toxic. Our girls don’t deserve the hate. For real. I don’t know why so many people are so jealous. Army shouldn’t worry. Other GG supporters shouldn’t worry either. Kpop shouldn’t worry. BP’s success in the West shouldn’t bother anyone, IMO. Don’t be salty they came to the US so early. I don’t know who invited them out only two or so years after they debuted, but you know what? It’s great! They’re paving the road for GGs in KPOP. So did BTS. BTS opened the door, but BP is keeping the door open for the next group so that the door can stay open? That way that North American Label companies know that it’s the KPOP genre as a whole that works, not JUST BTS. That BTS isn’t an anomaly and KPOP doesn’t just have to be a niche music style. And BlackPink Rocked it at the GMA. Anyone who says different, I believe, has been poisoned by hate, and can’t fathom them actually being good. It doesn’t have to be your favorite GG to recognize that they’re decent. You don’t have to believe me that they are so beautiful and talented and they are the Revolution, but you can just admit that they’re decent, and not spread hate.)

^(Ok, I needed to get that out. Is it ok to post this. I’m just not a fan of Toxicity, and I hope this doesn’t feel toxic to anyone. I just want good old fashioned support and healing against hate.)

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