BLACKPINK’s Schedule for February UPDATED

~~2~~|~~8PM / 3AM~~|~~2019 World Tour [IN YOUR AREA] Manila🎤~~
11|🎂|Rosé’s 23rd Birthday🎉
11|1:35PM / 8:35PM|The Late Show with Stephen Colbert📺
12|9PM / 4AM|Good Morning America📺
15|3AM / 10AM|ABC’S Strahan & Sara 📺
15|8:30PM / 3:30AM|2019 World Tour [IN YOUR AREA] Singapore🎤
23|7PM / 2AM|2019 World Tour [IN YOUR AREA] Kuala Lumpur Day 1🎤
24|7PM / 2AM|2019 World Tour [IN YOUR AREA] Kuala Lumpur Day 2🎤
TBA|HERA (Jennie)

cr. [@jideukie](
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Feel free to join the BLACKPINK Discord Server for more discussion on BLACKPINK and KPOP. People provide stream links and discuss these events as they come up.

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