Individual fancams and their respectives content creator

So, I was browsing my instagram, looking at some BP stuff, and I saw a video (Rosé’s fancam) that had a really good quality. So I went to the profile’s page (which is **record211**: [instagram](, [twitter](, [youtube]( and I fell in love with it. Basically it’s someone who only does fancams of Rosé, and they’re all good since there’s only one thing to focus.

After that, I tried to look for profiles like this one, but about the others members, but I, sadly, didn’t had any luck. I did find a lot of fancams profiles, but all of them are just random fancams from multiple sources and have no cronological order, like record’s one.

Do you know any?

Also, for further example, I follow **1004syna** ([instagram](, [twitter](, [youtube]( which is a Seungyoon’s (WINNER) fancam, and she does the same thing as **record211**, chronological original content. ^^^Also ^^^looking ^^^for ^^^the ^^^others ^^^WINNER’s ^^^members. ^^^XD

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