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>Hello, I found this ( And it seems like her akgaes (people who only like 1 member of the group while bashing the others) are really taking offence about the small teasing BP do to her. This is the 1st time in my kpop life that ive seen such severe reaction to teasing. The fans also found offence to a comment NB translated and started the #respectlisa thing. It then blew up and was on the news. But, other idols have been criticised worse and this is the first time that I’ve seen an outrage this huge.
>Why does she have a lot of akgae fans? What motivates (?) them?
>I am a HUGE fan of her but not to this extent I think. And im worried that this can lead to discord between the members. Lisa might also not like this “overprotectiveness” her fans have of her.


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