BLACKPINK’s World Tour Press Conference Translations [LONG]


***MISC***|KRUNK is a special guest at the press conference!|[LINK](
***QUESTION: Feelings about this concert.*** |**Lisa:** I always wanting to perform in Thailand even before debut. I can’t wait to put on a great stage for everyone|[LINK](
|**Jisoo:** I’m so happy, this is first time that we’re going to perform in Lisa’s hometown …
|**Rosé:** I’m so happy that we start our world tour in Thailand, it’s even more special because it’s Lisa’s hometown|[LINK](
***QUESTION: If you have a chance to film a show in Thailand again where would it be?***|**ROSE:** Phuket! Lisa said we can see dolphin there|[LINK](
|**Jisoo:** I wanna eat Rotee again. It’s so delicious the last time I tried in Samui|
***QUESTION: BP’s fashion secret***|**Jennie:** don’t afraid to try. Try as many different style as you possible |[LINK](
***QUESTION: Have you watched DDDD DEKSORKRAO version?***|**RS&JS:** Very impressed. the choreograph and background are exactly the same. Love it …
|**LS:** Very proud that they are from Buriram like me. Glad to see that Buriram kids are also great.|[LINK](
***QUESTION: Working w/ Dua Lipa***|**Jennie:** It’s an honor to collarate with Dua Lipa and hope to work with more world class artists in the future|[LINK](
***QUESTION: Who’s addicted to social media the most?***|**Jennie**: Everyone! Because we can use it to closely communicate with the fans so we often update it.|[LINK](
**QUESTION: Charm of the group that make people around the world love BP.***|**Jisoo**: I think we show cool charisma on the stage but off stage we became cuties, so I think the fans like both sides of us.^**No lies here**|[LINK](
***QUESTION: Message for fans***|**Lisa:** Its the first time seeing Thai fans so we’ll do our best. We won’t let BLINK feel disappointed and we hope that BLINK will stay with us for a long time.|[LINK](
|**Jennie:** We’ve talked about this since we were trainees about how will it be performing in Thailand? And today it has become reality.|[LINK](
|**Rose:** Everyone welcomed us very warmly. Thank you very much. We received so much support and we will pay it back to everyone at the concert.|[LINK](
|**Jisoo:** Everytime we come to Thailand, everyone is very warm. BP is proud to present this concert and we are very confident. We will perform our best.|[LINK](
***MISC***|Jisoo also said that she’s happy to see BLINK in many different places coz not only in Asia but this tour, they are going to US/Canada and now the world could hear more of BP’s music|[LINK](

These are the only bits I could find. If there’s more let me know!

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