181226 JENNIE V LIVE ‘Audio-Only’ CH+ Stream Highlights

**BLINK**: How did you spend your Christmas after finishing Gayo Daejun? … **Jennie**: I went home and passed out on my bed|[LINK](
Jennie went onto CH+ and fans asked her to do a live broadcast but she said she’s eating tteokbukki so she can’t … It’s really spicy so she can’t show it, and her to us … Jennie said that if she’s still alive after finishing all the tteokbukki, she’ll come back and do a broadcast|[LINK](
**Jennie** I’m a seong-duk … **Jennie:** I learnt (the phrase) “seong-duk” … **Jennie:** I’ll wear the clothes and show it to you guys … **seong-duk (성덕) means: a successful fan … **Jennie** is probably talking about her getting recognised by the Stranger Things casts and getting a gift from them|[LINK](
Jennie is alive after eating the tteokbukki and just started a ch+ live heh|[LINK](
omg jennie sounded so cute saying “i’m so full” asfshdkkabsla|[LINK](
**Jennie** talking about the Stranger Things gift … **Jennie:** I was really shocked and I thought it wasn’t me but then later I saw the shoutout + my manager oppa got a message and I went to collect it really quickly and got Stranger Things goods|[LINK](
**someone** commented about the 10k on Michuri … **Jennie:** I’m sad, don’t talk about it|[LINK](
**someone** commented about working with Dua after saying that she is a fan … **Jennie:** Ah that, it can be considered that I’m a seong-duk (successful fan) for that too haha sorry … **cos** Jennie eariler said that she is a successful fan for being recognised by Stranger Things|[LINK](
**Comment:** My mom said that you are pretty … Jennie: Thank you (to your) mom|[LINK](
Jennie said that he mother kept asking her about the Michuri stuff for WEEKS and she didn’t tell her cos she wanted her to watch it live LOL|[LINK](
**Jennie** said that she saw Joohwangie on We Will Channel You and she found it really interesting, she said that joohwangie is an interesting fish … **She** didn’t believe Rosé at first when rosie said that Joohwangie can do those tricks|[LINK](
**Comment:** What did you eat in Jennie’s Diary? … **Jennie:** I ate so much, which part were you talking about???|[LINK](
Jennie talked about how she talked about how she got Jennie doll during her recent fansign and she is very proud about it that she put it in her room [HERE](|[LINK](
**omg** blinks are calling her 짱득이 which came from 짱구 (Crayon Shin Chan) and 젠득이 (Jendeukie) … **Jennie:** noooo don’t call me that … **Comment:** why do you hate it? … **Jennie:** Cos I’m not like Shin Chan **Comment:** It’s cos you wore Crayon Shin Xhan’s pajamas (on Michuri) … **Jennie:** Ohhhhh|[LINK](
Jennie is going off cos she need to go and sleep now since she needs to wake up early tomorrow and she is sleepy already|[LINK](
All Translation Credits go to [@poopheyy](

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181226 Jennie CH+ Update